Sunday, November 11, 2012

Imperative Mood of Verbs

Verbs in Azerbaijani have imperative mood; it is used to command or ask for something. You can make a singular imperative of any verb by eliminating the suffix of the infinitive (-maq, -mək). Once you do that you will get the root of the verb.  For example:

Getmək = to go. Get. = Go.
Oturmaq = to sit. Otur. = Sit (down).
Təslim olmaq = to surrender.  Təslim ol! = Surrender!

[Should you buy apples? Wait and see...]

In the news - Qızın Qaçırılması

I was pleased to find a new free newspaper in Baku - written largely in Azerbaijani. It's the "New Baku Post - pulsuz". I picked up a copy at a display in the Park Bulvar Mall. I'm assuming because it is free I can reproduce it here as another translation exercise. This article is on the topic of the abduction of young women (usually by guys who want to marry them).  Apparently there were 10 cases in the first 6 months of this year and 16 in 2011. All were committed with the goal of marriage.