Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sentences using vocabulary from Mən, sən, o, və telefon

It is useful after reading a story to create sentences with the new vocabulary, even with words that you already knew. Here are some sentences using vocab from Anar's short story. A few of the sentences were taken from my dictionaries. Try to translate! (Answers are now at the bottom of the post.)

Mən evdə tək olanda, özümü çox tənha hiss edirəm.

Qoca insanlar tənhalıqdan qorxurlar.

Qəfildən işıq söndü.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Words starting with həm-

Həm- as a prefix indicates similarity. Here are a few examples:

həmcins - homogenous; of the same sex
həmçinin - also, as well
həmdərd - fellow sufferer
həmdin - coreligionist
həməqidə - like-minded person
həməsr - contemporary
həmfikir - like-minded person
həmxana - roommate, housemate * apparently otaq yoldaşı is better
həmxasiyyət - having the same character, temperment
həmin - the same
həmkar - colleague (co-worker)
həmkarlıq - collaboration
həmməna - synonym
həmmənalı - synonymous
həmməzhəb - coreligionist
həmnöv - homogeneous, uniform * oxşar is better
həmrəng - of the same color
həmrəngli - of the same color
həmrəy - unanimous
həmrəylik - solidarity, unanimity
həmsərhəd - having the same border
həmsöhbət - interlocutor
həmşəhərli - from the same town or country
həmtay - equal * tay-tuş is the common expression
həmtaylıq - the state of being equal
həmyaş - of the same age * yaşıd is better
həmyerli - from the same place

Mən, sən, o, və telefon - Anar [mətn, qısa hekayət]

I have recently reread the short story Mən, sən o, və telefon by Anar. I really like this story. Great practice for reading and translation. I was going to type it all out, when I thought... maybe, just maybe... (unlike ssenarilər!) it just might be available online. And guess what? Anar has his own website! And the whole story is available there! What luck. This is really a wonderful thing. I didn't realize that this story was adapted by Nora Ephron (who recently died) into the 1998 movie You've Got Mail. Anyway, the story follows on the next page. Enjoy!

Telefon nömrələri
Oxşamaz bir-birinə
amma hamısında
insan səsi...
...pis günlər
oxşamaz bir-birinə
birində özün susarsan,
birində telefon.

Vaqif Vəkilov

Telephone numbers don't look alike but in all is the sound of a person's voice... 
... bad days don't resemble each other, in one you will keep silent, in one telephone. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Videos online

Just discovered a new source of quality video in Azerbaijani: 

Enjoy! The documentary section has quite a few that are available online:

Filmlər - Bəxtiyar

I found a great compilation of Azerbaijani "klassik filmlər" - it's called Azərbaycan kinosu (doesn't look like the picture). It has 62 "bizim kino". I bought it from the video shop that goes along the right-hand side of MUM. I watched the wonderful 1959 film Onu bağışlamaq olarmı? There was a slight problem with the disk however - it was cut short by about three or four minutes. The ending was very dramatic, but not what I expected. The very nice young guy working there is preparing a replacement copy of the disk for me. He fast-forwarded the film to find out where it was cut and let me find out how it ended! All very interesting and very helpful. I would highly recommend getting DVDs from this shop to help improve your Azerbaijani.

Having said that, I am having a terrible time finding scripts online from these film classics. Ages ago I found a full version of the dialog in Bəxtiyar, one of my all-time favorite films. I've watched it a couple of times so have it firmly in my memory. I read the whole script aloud today and it was great fun. This is actually much more effective as a method of learning language than reading novels. I was incredibly disappointed today when I went online and could not find ANY transcripts of Azerbaijani movies, not even the one that I had previously found. I was searching the following keywords: sitatlar, Azərbayan, filmlər, sözlər... and names of particular films. Heç nə tapmamışam! If anyone out there knows where I can find full scripts, I would really appreciate it. I am prepared to do the old-fashioned library thing. Hey, I'm a librarian! And I do remember what it was like to slowly go through microfilm...

However, for anyone who is as interested as I am in enjoying these wonderful films, I will share in full the one complete sitatlar that I have: Bəxtiyar. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Song - Axşam Mahnısı

Another beautiful song to sing. I looked it up online. Found two versions.

The wonderful Şövket Elekberova sings this one:
However, the recording would have been much better if it was JUST her voice. The angelic choir in the background does nothing to improve the song.

The second is a much faster-paced guitar and percussion version. Nice guitar playing, stylish video, but I think the music is just too fast. You may disagree! It sounds like he is singing the last line of the chorus as "Döyüntünü bilmədi."

My translation follows. All comments welcome! I think this is going to be difficult to translate. The stanza in square brackets is not sung in either version.

I had a very helpful comment from one reader. I checked in my "Azərbaycan Dilinin İzahlı Lüğəti" and sure enough, he was right. Qaş qaranlıq is a phrase that means darkness is settling or falling. 

Qaş qaralır, kölgə tutur
Yavaş-yavaş meşəni.
Könlüm səsdə, gözüm yolda
Gözləyirəm mən səni.

Darkness falls, shadows spread
slowly over the forest.
My heart is listening, my eyes are watching,
As I wait for you.

Səbrim getdi, harda qaldı
Qaş qaraldı gəlməyir,
Bəlkə mənim könlümdəki
Döyüntünü bilməyir.

I have lost my patience, where is he?
Night has fallen,
Maybe he can't hear
The beating of my heart.

[Suya düşür budur yaşıl
Yarpaqların kölgəsi.
Ürəyimdən xəbər verir
Ötən quşların səsi.]

[The green leaves throw a shadow
On the water.
Hear what my heart is saying
In the song of passing birds.]


Aydın göylər, uca dağlar,
Göy meşələr, lal sular
Sizi gördüm ürəyimdə
Aşdı-daşdı arzular.

Clear skies, high mountains,
Dark green forests, silent waters.
I can see you, and now my heart
Is overflowing with desire.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Video with subtitles

Recently I had a question about radio  programming with the dialogue written out. Don't know if this exists, but I did find an interesting video from the Milli Mətbəx website. Narration is in Azerbaijani, subtitles are in English. Very helpful and very interesting for those of us who enjoy cooking! Nuş olsun!

Azerbaijani national cuisine

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Easily confused words

Yup, they have been driving me crazy for some time, so it's time for a post. I'll try to remember as many of these confusing pairs as I can.

Falling in love may put you in a jam, but that's no excuse for me confusing these two words:

məhəbbət means love, mürrəbbə means jam

Don't ask your waiter for some love with your tea when all you really want is some jam!

Maybe it's something about words that begin with m... Hmmm...
Why would I confuse mühariba with mühafizə - the second is guarding or defense (a pretty common sign as lots of places in Baku have guards) while the first is all-out war.

Then there is the confusion in meaning between these very similar words: 
uzun means long, lengthy; uzaq means distant, far away

And that other close pair:
seyf means safe, just exactly as it sounds; but sehv means a mistake

And I still have to stop to think before I say these two:
səhər is morning; şəhər is city

There are many more. Stay tuned.

More fun with dictionaries...

Ah, so many letters, so many combinations, so easy to confuse. I was recently looking at the news in Azerbaijani and saw the category təhlil and thought, what's that - education? Wrong! Education is təhsil. The other word means analysis. And looking it up only proved that there are even more words to confuse one that begin with təh-

təhər - mode, manner, way, method
təhkim - attachment
təhqiq - investigation
təhqir - insult
təhlil - analysis
təhrif - distortion
təhrik - instigation
təhsil - education
təhvil - surrender

Which leads me to the subject of easily confused words... See my next post.

In the news...

Another exercise in translation. From the BBC Azeri site. I've noticed that articles on this site frequently have typos, so be careful to check. This article was missing one ı in yaxınlığındakı and sızmanın was spelled with a dotted i. I also changed litrəlik to litrlik.

Gürcüstanda xlor sızması nəticəsində zəhərlənmə

A chlorine leak in Georgia has resulted in poisonings

Son yeniləmə: 4 iyul, 2012 - 09:59 GMT                   

Paytaxt yaxınlığındakı Lilo qəsəbəsində xlorun sızması nəticəsində 70-dən artıq adam xəstəxanaya aparılıb.
Over 70 people have been taken to hospital as a result of a chlorine leak in the settlement of Lilo near the capital. 

Onların arasında hamilə qadın və uşaqlar var. Astmadan əziyyət çəkən bir nəfərin "kritik" vəziyyətdə olduğu bildirilir.
Among them was a pregnant woman and children. It was announced that one person who suffers from asthma was in critical condition.

Xlor su şirkətinin ərazisindəki 800 litrlik sisterndə saxlanılıb.
Chlorine was kept by the water company in an 800 liter cistern.

Yerli mətbuat havadan ağır olan yaşıla çalan sarımtıl qazın tam bağlanılmamış krandan sızdığını bildirir.
Local press said that the tap was not fully closed and the air was heavy with a greenish-yellow gas.

Səhiyyə Nazirliyi sizmanın çərşənbə günü baş verdiyini bildirib. 
The Department of Health announced the occurrence of the leak on Wednesday.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fun with dictionaries

Looking up one word in the dictionary can lead you in all kinds of directions. Here's one quite arbitrary journey I took today...


The sentence in a news item was "tort vasitəsilə istefaya çağırılıb". Some artistic types call for a resignation by means of a cake.  OK, must be a slow news day. But, this is an interesting and useful word. Let's see where it takes us.