Sunday, December 6, 2015

Another new song - Bu gecə

This is a lovely song that I hadn't heard before. My singing teacher thought it would suit me - and it does! There are normally three verses and one refrain. This is what my teacher has taught me to sing - leaving out a verse about mountains and clouds. I like this version below best.

Words are followed by my translation. As usual, the translation proves to be trickier than I first thought. Try popping this into Google Translate if you really want a laugh!

Bu gecə

Mus.: Emin Sabitoğlu

Söz.: Zeynal Xəlil

I - bənd

Fikrimdə aylı, ulduzlu,
asiman var bu gecə.
Könlümdə aylı, ulduzlu,
bir ümman var bu gecə.

Bircə sən yoxsan əzizim
bilir aləm bu gecə.
Neyçün olmadın de: ey yar
mənə həmdəm bu gecə.

II - bənd

Şimşəyə çaxma desəm mən,
inan çaxmaz be gecə.
Araza axma desəm mən,
bil ki, axmaz bu gecə.

Nəq.: təkrar


In my thoughts...
The sky is moonlit and full of stars.
In my heart...
Like an ocean full of moonlight and stars.

You are not here tonight but the world knows
you are my true love.
Why do you not say: Oh love,
you are my constant companion tonight.

If I told the thunder not to roll,
it would cease tonight.
If I told the river not to rush,
it would stop tonight.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A new mugham - Bayati Qacar

I'm learning a new mugham. I've got 4 parts down so far: Bardaşt, Maye, Pəncigah, and Hüseyni. It is fun to play, but the Pəncigah and Hüseyni are different from other mughams and a bit hard to remember. I hesitate a bit in this video because I have just learned this a few days ago. As usual I am very camera shy, so this is basically me playing in the dark. Sorry!

I would love to hear some feedback from native Azerbaijanis.