Sunday, February 19, 2012

Internet woes

I have just had the most bizarre conversation with an Internet Provider call center. I am asking why my Internet fails to work most of the time with my new satellite "data-kart". Even when the card says it is receiving data, the Internet browser will not display the page. The guys at the center have given me some very odd advice:

1. "You are not in the proper area to receive Internet." (I live near İçəri Şəhər and it did work fairly well last month...)
2. "You must be moving around." (From one side of the sofa to another?)
3. "We can't help you - we're a call center. You need to go to the main office to get technical help." (????)
4. "Just wait a couple of hours." (What will change in those couple of hours? No reply.)
5. "Where are you from? I think you are Azerbaijani." (Implication: and therefore not worthy of help!)
6. "Can I put you on hold?" (And never come back?)

Number 5 gets the Bizarro Award for call center responses.  

If you live in Baku, please give me some advice - what company should I go to to get reliable Internet access? I live near the İcəri Şəhər Metro.

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Togrul Jafarli said...

I'm afraid, the connection failing here is common if you are using internet from a wireless provider such as DataKarts from GSMs or Sazz 3G. The speed of internet from these providers may be too slow or you even may not be able to connect. I personally use stable ADSL internet from AzerOnline. I think ADSL is the best for you unless you want to use it outside.