Thursday, October 13, 2016

First time in the studio

So, yesterday I was on the Lider TV channel. I was really nervous about that I can tell you! But it all worked out pretty well. The presenter, Lamiya, was very professional and she had a great sense of humor.

To prepare for a TV show you need to go to a studio to make a recording. So, I had my first experience singing and playing kamancha  for a studio recording. Again, I was nervous at first but it actually was fun. Here are the results!

Sən Mənim, Mən Sənin

mus: Tofiq Quliyev
söz: Zeynal Cabbazadə

Bir Könül Sındırmışam

mus: Ramiz Mirişli
söz: İslam Səfərli

Bayatı-Kürd Muğam

Rahab Muğam

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