Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Internet in Baku

Yes, I'm finally back online after many Internet woes. Following two miserable failures with IP services, I finally have found a reliable one in Sazz. And with that I am starting a new series of posts - Highly Recommended. Whenever I am impressed with services in Baku, I'll write about it here. (When I not so impressed, I just keep my mouth shut, but never darken their door again!) Of course, one of the important criteria is how they react to a foreigner speaking Azerbaijani... So, thank-you Sazz, you passed the Ms. Colleen test with flying colors. You get my first recommendation.

They are located all around Baku. See their website for details - www.sazz.az (predictably enough). Their English pages are clear if not completely idiomatic. I notice that they offer online sales and free delivery as well. Another plus. I dropped in to the shop in my neighborhood - İstiqlaliyyət Kücəsi. The young servators were helpful and polite speaking in Azerbaijani. They were soon joined by a colleague who spoke good English. Bring your passport and/or work visa to sign up for IP services.

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