Saturday, August 25, 2012

Questions about həm-

Hello everyone, what few there may be... Back after a wonderful trip to the Qabala Music Festival. Extraordinary place, extraordinary event. And everyone was very friendly and helpful. They were especially patient speaking Azerbaijani to me. I'm really grateful.

However, now I'm back in Baku and have to buckle down to studying Azerbaijani again. So... I return to find a comment from my scholarly online friend Alef. He gave a detailed and very interesting explanation of different prefixes in Azerbaijani and which languages they come from. And YES - anyone! - I am still looking for an etymological dictionary of Azerbaijani...

Now to the topic at hand: the prefix həm-. Alef says that some are not correct or are archaic. However, they are all taken from my red dictionary (Editor-in-chief is Prof. O. I. Musayev). I thought that this was the gold standard for businesses in Azerbaijan. Perhaps there is a more recent dictionary that gives more common usages? Anyway, all advice appreciated.

I'll now move on to another posting. I wonder what my topic will be...

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Alef Noon said...

Hi Colleen,

Thanks for clarifying things. I did not know your examples (I assume that all of them) come from dictionaries. To be honest, I'm quite surprised that the dictionary you write about contains such words as həmxana, həmdin, həmməna. İ can understand həmcins, həmkar, həmşəri or həmşəhri, even həmdərd, but words həmxana, həmməna, həmdin to my literary ears sounds like a mistake.
That said, İ would encourage you to check several sources/dictionaries/newspapers/experts before taking either my word or any particular dictionary explanations as authoritative.
Although I love my language and studied it as a lawyer and writer, I have not been in Azerbaijan for seven years and don't know what changes transpired in language.
İ think there is etymological dictionary for azeri - I remember I had one when I was in high school. Also, Klassik Azərbaycan Ədəbiyyatında İşlənən Ərəb-Fars Sözləri Lüğəti (Dictionary of Arabic and Persian Words Used in Classic Azerbaijani Literature) would be helpful. (check it here: .

Good luck!