Saturday, June 1, 2013

Song - Yaxan düymələ

Here is a song that my friend Nigar wants me to translate. It too is a xalq mahnısı. Oddly enough, it mentions "süsən sünbül" like the previous song I translated. The first word, sallanıban, is a real puzzle. It certainly is not in the dictionary. It is also hard to know what the title means. Hide your beauty? Come outside? I really need some help with this one...

Yaxan düymələ
Sallanıban gələn dilbər,
Yaxan düymələ, düymələ.
Məni dərdə salan dilbər,
Yaxan düymələ, düymələ.

Köynəyinin gülü yaşıl,
Süsən sünbülü dolaşır.
Gözəlik sənə yaraşır,
Yaxan düymələ, düymələ.

Kərəm* sənə nələr demiş,
O dil-dodağını yemiş.
Kətan köynək bəndi gümüş,
Yaxan düymələ, düymələ.

Your beauty shone forth,
Button up your collar.
It has made me agitated,
Button it up.

The green flowers of your chemise,
Ears of wheat entwine.
Beauty suits you,
Button your collar.

What things did Kərəm say to you?
He was at a loss for words.
Linen blouse and silver clasp,
Button up your collar.

*The name of a famous ashig.

Here is a link to a version by the young Alim Gasimov.


Anonymous said...

First of all thank you for your interesting topics.
I'm always finding your blog very inserting and "bir az Azərbaycanca" with your style attracted my attention as an native speaker. Thanks for your labor!!!

Again in your sentences, sallanıban is adverb and verb form is sallanmaq. In Azerbaijani we use thish with gəlmək, getmək. E.g. "sallanıb gəlmək, sallanıb getmək" means "to plod". (for other meaning of sallanmaq )
In your sentence sallanıban gələn=sallanıb getmək. They are equal in meaning but sallanıban is more literary. In speech we don't use. Also you can see same structure with other verbs.For example, gəlibən, gedibən etc.

I hope it is also helpfull.

Thank you again!

Colleen MacDonell said...

This is very helpful. I wish my dictionaries would list these meanings. However, it still makes the line from the song difficult to translate. I can't get at the sense of it.