Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Son sualım...

One final question about the see-saws. Vikipedia seems to suggest that songs are sung by Azerbaijani children on see-saws (yelləncək).
Örpəyi çəhrayı qız,
Adaxlının adın de.
Saçları xurmayı qız,
Adaxlının adın de.
Qaşları sürməli qız,
Adaxlının adın de.
Yaylığı yellənən qız,
Adaxlının adın de.
Bura qonaq gələn qız,
Adaxlının adın de.
Ha yellənə-yellənə
Adaxlının adın de.

Is this true?
In English we used to sing two songs that I can recall:

See-saw Marjory Daw,
Jenny shall have a new master.
She shall earn but a penny a day,
Because she can't work any faster.

Very Victorian that! The other was decidedly more American:
Milk and water,
Wash your face
In dirty water.

Another variant has:
Brush your teeth
with peanut butter.

We also played a game where you would hold the person up in the air until they answered a question to your satisfaction. 

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