Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm back... with a new learning resource

I know I owe everyone who is kind enough to post comments and follow this blog a big apology. So... where have I been all this time? Unfortunately I was very sick for many months, but - təşəkkür! - I am on the mend and ready to apply myself once again to improving my knowledge - and yours - of this wonderful language.

I've had many good intentions over the past couple of weeks to get back to posting. What has finally given me a good swift kick in the pants was a recent article on BBC about ways to improve your memory. Read the article if you are interested. This led me to investigate a company called Memrise, which has developed an app to help follow your learning of a subject (generally learning a new language) in such a way that it prompts you to review and test your knowledge as you yourself need to. Thus, it is a kind of dynamically customized learning tool. It's look and feel is a lot like BYKI, which I reviewed previously on this blog. But it is better for having more variety in the modules, so it really feels more like playing a game than studying something that is really just boring old rote learning.

I went to the site and discovered that you can sign up for free. Members of the "community"- boy, I dislike the way online developers use that term - anyway, anyone who signs up is then free to create their own interactive lesson. If memory serves me (; p), there were 154 lessons online and two were for Azerbaijani! Now, that was exciting to discover. I have been going through one and am quite enjoying it. Even though I know the vocabulary, I have already improved my spelling (and consequently am likely to improve my pronunciation). I am sure there is a lot more to discover on this site. I am curious to find out about inserting sound recordings... I'll post an update once I have explored more.

It would be great to see like-minded people develop more content for Azerbaijani. I certainly hope to get around to this myself soon, inshallah!

Go to to find out for yourself!


Yoshito Katanoda said...

You are back :D
I love it too!!

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see you back!
And, it is wonderful to be able to read your posts again.
I thought you stopped due to the time limitation.
I hope it was not so serious, everything OK.