Monday, July 14, 2014

More easily confused words

I'm back. I was talking to my friend H today and he mentioned a word for the plants that they make beach shelters out of - qamış. This is the word for cane, reed or rush - a kind of plant that grows in water. We called them cattails or bulrushes when I was a kid.

However, I made a mistake typing the word into Google Translate and instead wrote qəmiş. This is a funny word and a useful word if people are bothering you. This is what the dictionary has to say:

Bore, a pain in the neck. In other words, an annoying git. Someone who nags you.

Uses in sentences:

Qəmiş qoyma! Don't be annoying! Don't bother me!
Qəmişini çək!  Leave me alone! Get lost!

What I would like to know is, just how rude are these sentences? In English we could say "Stop bothering me." This is not rude. But then again, we could say "Oh just bugger off." This is decidedly rude. Then there is "Get lost!" Rather rude. And the famous f-word. So on a rudeness scale of 1 (not rude) to 5 (very rude), where would these expressions fall?


Anonymous said...

First of all, your questions are quite interesting. You are paying attention much deeper details and pulling surface such questions which I like to think over it again. So, I would like to post a little comment.
We also have several expressions for telling people not bother us. I would like to mention some of them according to your scale. But, I'd love to add that the rudeness is also depend on the way you speak. If you are shouting, sometimes most polite words could turn much rude one ).

For point 1: məni narahat etmə; məni darıxdırma; məni yorma; məni bezdirmə etc.(when we are warning people about their behavior which could bother us)
For point 2: Təngə gəldim; Vərəmlədim; Cana yığıldım etc. (we already tell people that we bothered)
For point 3: Qəmişini çək; Get başımdan; Əl çək; Boğaza yığdın; Vərəmlətdin (we directly tell that they bother us and sometimes we demand peace)
For point 4: İtil; Rədd ol; Cəhənnəm ol; etc. (again, we directly tell people to leave the place due to their behavior)

We have point 5 words, too. We call them street words. And they are more ruder than English version. So, we are not convenient to use and to heard such words.

Let me back to the phrase "Qəmişini çək". This is mostly used when we tease someone. Or sometimes we tell this our friends for joking. In this meaning, it might not be rude.

By the way, everything written in the up consists of my personal ideas. The division might not be correct, as they don't lean on any references. But I hope, at least, they are little bit helpful )).

Colleen MacDonell said...

That was a very thorough and useful comment. Thanks!