Sunday, October 5, 2014

How to use -dikcə

A colleague recently introduced me to -dikcə, but I'm not sure I fully grasp how to use it. Advice would be welcome!

Her example was: yedikcə yemək zamanı, which means something like time to eat and eat (or even - time to stuff our faces?)

Also she said you could do:

Qaçdıqca qaçmaq = run around? run and run?

Danışdıqca danışmaq = talk and talk?

The problem is, these words don't appear in the dictionary. Although, just by chance I found gəldikcə was listed = gradually, little by little, day by day.

Could you say...

Güldükcə gülmək


Çaldıqca çalmaq

Looking forward to some help on this one.

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Farah said...

I'd say it's hard to transfer this to english but in my opinion the -dikcə can describe an action both related to time and space, depending on the verb you are using and the context. For instance 'getdikcə' can mean both moving on literally like in the origin 'getmək' saying the further you went/walked etc sth happend or while you were walking sth happened. Also it can mean time passing by.
Güldükcə can mean while i was laughing/the more I laughed and so on. I hope this helped you with you're question, best regards!