Sunday, June 3, 2012

Singing - Girdim yarın bağçasına

This is a cell phone video of my first attempt at singing an Azerbaijani song in public. The event was held at my school a few months ago. Students (and me, the one staff person) who are studying music with tutors had a chance to perform. I am accompanied on the piano by my brilliant piano and vocal teacher, Nigar.

I was really nervous! I think it gets easier the more you perform in public. I hope to do another public performance next week.

The words are posted and translated elsewhere on this blog.


Anonymous said...

So wonderful voice... with piano it is other beautiful.
Just interesting who is singing?
Is the singer blog writer?
Must be very talanted

Colleen MacDonell said...

Yup, it's me when I was first learning to sing xalq mahnısı. I will post some new recordings soon!

Anonymous said...

Your pronunciation super. I can tell apart if you are native or not in this song. It is exactly native speaker' pronunciation.
Looking forward other recordings, too!