Sunday, June 22, 2014


Time to look at a few new and useful words. I went swimming with a friend today at the Kempinski. It was totally deserted. Maybe because the wind speed today was an incredible 16 mps! Very strange weather for a sunny day in June. The lifeguards told us to use the lower pool. It was too windy for the ground-level pool. But even the lower level pool had choppy water. The wind blew my friend's sandals into the water. The lifeguard fetched them. She said "Why didn't yours blow in." "They are heavier than yours," was my reply. Famous last words. They went in as well and had to be fetched out. Finally I went for a swim and then one of my towels blew in. OK, time to give up. We decided to go for lunch. I was impatient to go and was urging my friend to hurry. This is when she introduced a new word - yubanmaq. She translated it as "being late or behind schedule".

For example:
Tez gəl! Yubanma!
Taksi artıq gəlib. Biz hələ yubanırıq.

So Yubanıram = Gecikirəm

Have you ever eaten səbzi? It is delicious. Greens and lamb. Beh beh beh! Here's a very nice recipe in Azerbaijani with pictures. It has spinach, coriander, and green onions, plus something called kəvər. No one has been able to tell me what this is in English, but it is certainly tasty. We used to eat this in Lebanon as well in something - if I recall correctly - called muhiya. Strangely enough, we had lunch at a Lebanese restaurant today - Beyrut. I highly recommend the place. Authentic Lebanese cuisine and a good place to practice your Azerbaijani with the friendly waiters.

One last random vocab - özünü aparmaq - to behave. I will try to make some sentences for this soon...

Here they are:

Rafiq! Sənin artıq 15 yaşın var amma ozünü lap uşaq kimi aparırsan! 
Rafiq! You are already 15 years old but you behave like a child!

Sabah sən Arzu ilə görüşənda belə hardasa məktəbdə özünü elə aparmalısan ki, o heçnə anlamasın ki, sən onu heçdə xoşlamırsan.
Tomorrow if you meet Arzu at school, you must behave in such a way that she won't realize that you don't like her.

Özünü hər barədə düzgün aparan qadın - əsl xanımdır!
The woman  who knows how to behave in any kind of  situation is a real lady!

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