Saturday, June 20, 2015

Words I can never remember

I was telling my taxi driver a story this morning and found myself searching for certain words that I always seem to have trouble with. Now some people recommend the use of images that you associate with the sound of the word, but which have no meaningful connection to the word's sense. For example, I use to think of a guy in a kilt with an sad face scoring a goal. Məksəd...

There's a name for this mnemonic device but I have forgotten it! I'll look it up later. (Apparently it is just "image mnemonic") At the moment I write this while walking on a treadmill. Which I recently learned is called an elektron qaçış zolağı.

So back to some words that are hard to remember.

To wake up - oyanmaq

Actually now that I look at it it has the sound like YAWN so that should be pretty easy to remember.

Next one -

Colleague - həmkar

I always want to say peşkar (which is kind of related - professional). So I will imagine a colleague - won't say who - driving a car shaped like a ham. Ok, I will say! My colleague Matt who has a crazy imagination and is working on a go-cart video game!

See how easy this is? Actually I think it would drive - no pun intended - you crazy to think of something like this for every word in a new language. But for those stubborn words, it does help. More soon!

Indi hovuza getməliyəm və orda telefon olmaz!

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