Saturday, August 15, 2015

Baku dosa

Wow! I've just invented a new recipe. I call it the Baku dosa. It is scrumptious and easy peasy to make.

Mix equal amounts of lentil flour and rice flour (I grind my own flours and highly recommend this - fresh and tasty!). Then add water that is a bit more than the two flours combined. For example, half cup of each flour plus a little over a cup of water. Stir. Let it sit for at least five hours or overnight. Sounds strange but it needs to ferment. Spread in a circle on a hot non-stick pan. Flip when done (surface will look dry) and then quickly add grated mozzarella, chopped aci biber, and qurudulmuş pomidor zeytun yağında (Bizim Tarla brendi). Wait a bit and flip one third over and then again to make a wrap. It's a wrap! Nuş olsun!

I will adapt this gluten-free recipe to qutab next. Stay tuned.

More pictures below of this very more-ish Baku summertime meal.

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