Sunday, August 9, 2015

Şur təsnifi

This is a new song I have just learned. It is very lively and fun to sing. I will try to translate today. I'll make a recording on Tuesday when I have a lesson with my singing teacher. I won't translate the Gəl-gəl ay aman exactly - it is Come, come, oh mercy (doesn't sound so good in English...) As usual I begin thinking it will be a piece of cake and it turns out to be harder to translate than I thought. Comments from native speakers are most welcome!

Atlandın keçdin daşdan,
  Gəl-gəl ay aman.
Yaşmağın düşdü başdan,
  Gəl-gəl ay aman.
Məhəbbət yoxmuş səndə,
  Gəl-gəl ay aman.
Gözüm qurudu yaşdan,
  Gəl-gəl ay aman.

Atəşim var, külüm yox,
Bülbül oldum, gülüm yox.
Mən bu eşqə düşəni,
Ağlanmaqdan günüm yox.

Əzizim xuda səni,
  Gəl-gəl ay aman.
Saxlasın xuda səni,
  Gəl-gəl ay aman.
Xəyalınla yatıram,
  Gəl-gəl ay aman.
Görüm yuxuda səni,
  Gəl-gəl ay aman.

You jumped over a rock,
Your veil fell from your head,
If you have no love,
My eyes are dry from crying.

There is fire but no coals,
There is a nightgale, but no flower.
I have fallen in love,
My days are destroyed with crying.

God knows you are my dear,
God preserve you!
I sleep and dream,
I see you in my dreams.

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