Friday, October 21, 2011

Aman Ovçu (Have mercy hunter)

I've gone through the lyrics I have for my favorite songs and have discovered that I didn't post this one. It is a xalq mahnısı (folk song). I've heard it sung in a really upbeat kind of way, which I don't like. It seems that the content deserves a more plaintive tone. I am sure my translation is not perfect. Some lines I am just guessing at. All advice gratefully accepted.

Aman ovçu, vurma məni,                                  Have mercy hunter, do not strike me, Mən bu dağın, ay balam, maralıyam.               I am a deer of this mountain. 
Maralıyam, maralıyam,                                    I am a deer, I am a deer. 
Mən bu dağın, ay gülüm, maralıyam, bala,      I am a deer, my love, of this mountain, child. 
Ovçu əlindən, ay balam, yaralıyam.                 From the hunter's hand, oh beloved, I am wounded.

Bu dağlarda maral gəzər,                                 Deer roam on this mountain. 
Əl-ayağın, ay balam, daşlar əzər.                     Hands and feet, oh love, crush the stones. 
Mən yarıma neyləmişəm?                                 What have I done to my love?
Yarım məndən, ay gülüm, kənar gəzər,            My love, oh love, shuns me, 
Yarım məndən, ay balam, kənar gəzər.            My love, oh love, shuns me.


balkanika said...

Your translation is outstanding. Just a small correction:

The idiomatic expression “kənar gəzmək” means “to stay away (deliberately or intentionally)”

Here in the verse he laments from her indifference.

Ms. Colleen said...

Thanks! I've made the change.