Sunday, October 23, 2011

A fabulous online resource for iPod or iPhone

Prepare to be impressed! This is the most sophisticated and good-looking app translation tool that I've come across - and it's for Azerbaijani!!! I am so excited! OK, I'll stop using exclamation marks now, but you get the point. This app is awesome.

It's called AzerDict and it's free. I have placed a link to the website in my links along the right side of the blog. However, the app is far more powerful than the site. Download it from the iStore and enjoy these features:
  • automatic recognition of what you are typing (as either Azerbaijani or English, so no need to always select the direction of translation from AZ - ENG or ENG to AZ
  • easy to input all letters of the alphabet because the letters with diacriticals, plus ı and w are provided as buttons beneath the search field
  • gives an exhaustive list of words with each translation (I put in qəlyan as an example because I keep seeing this around town, sometimes with the word Livan. I lived in Lebanon a few years back so this reference was driving me crazy - was it some kind of Lebanese mezze? No, it turns out it is the nargile (as they say in Lebanon). AzerDict gives all these words as translations of the noun qəylan: hookah, hubble-bubble, tobacco-pipe, and more, along with how they are used in Azerbaijani phrases written below in red). 
  • spell check... though it has now frozen - may have to delete and download again : S. I deleted and downloaded again. It works perfectly now.
  • predicts the word you are typing so that you can select it
The developer is from Baku. He has a blog and you can follow him on Twitter.

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stangey said...

Azerdict is also available on android phones. Search on the market or find it here: