Sunday, October 9, 2011

More signs around Baku

Another stroll up to Huseyn Cavid Küçəsi to have a yummy cappuccino at the Baku Roasting Company. Then up to Lider to buy meat and cheese, down to Gastronom to get special stuff like whole cinnamon, frozen fish and gluten-free soy sauce! Awesome to see gluten-free products finally coming to Baku. On the way I remembered to take some more pictures of signs. Here they are. BTW - I can highly recommend all of these shops. People are very friendly and helpful.

Ad for a printer

 Translation: Colors create variety.

Shoe shop
Translation: Work hours.

Sign at an ATM

Ad about high-definition TV

Translation: In Azerbaijan for the first time.

Someone didn't read the sign...

Translation: Don't park your car here.

Sign on a house

Sign on a wall

Translation: Lane

Sign on a bank

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Is it easy to eat gluten free in Baku? Can you please tell me the name (and adress?) Og the gluten free stores ? And if you have any restaurant reccomandations? :) Thank you