Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Read the label - Red Beans

If you buy Azerbaijani food products, read the labels! They are a good way to improve your vocabulary, as are ads and signs around the city. I recently bought a package of dried adzuki beans.  These are called Lobya Qırmızı (Red Beans) in Azerbaijani. This is what the package looks like.

As you can tell, the language seems a bit odd. That's because it's Turkish, so although the beans are produced in Baku, the parent company is probably Turkish. I don't know any Turkish, so I used Dilmanc to translate the Turkish into Azerbaijani. Çam is Şam, which means candle or supper. N.B.: I've been corrected on this. See note below. Şam in Azerbaijani can also mean pinetree and this is the meaning in Turkish. No idea what Bakliyat means, unless this is the Turkish for Red Beans. Again, see the helpful comment below. (I love comments - Don't be shy about commenting!) At the bottom it reads Güven ve Katlite 100% Doğal = güvən və keyfiyyət 100% təbii - Reliability and quality 100% natural. Turn the package over and you will find Turkish, English, Azerbaijani, and Arabic. An opportunity to learn! Let's see...

Mehsullarımız [Oops! - They spelled this wrong! It should be Məhsullarımız.] istehsal olunduğu yerlərdən xüsusilə seçilərək Vuqma Gıda mahdülleri MMC. Şirkətində əl dəymədən paketlənmişdir.

Məhsullarımızı [Got it right this time!] rütubətsiz, sərin və günəş işığı olmayan yerlərdə saxlayın.

Try to translate this, then check the translation below.

Our products production (really just means our product) is carefully chosen from the place (area) with special care [for] Vuqma Gida Company. In the company (in the packing plant) the packaging does not involve hands touching the product.

Keep (store) our product in a dry, cool, and dark place (a place without sunlight).


balkanika said...

“Bakliyat” (in Turkish) is a general term for any product from legume family which includes all kinds of beans. The Turkish word “Çam” means “pinetree” (not supper or candle) and it is only a trademark here with no direct relation to the product itself.
The phrase “Güven ve Kalite” = “Reliability and Quality”
I hope this helps.

Ms. Colleen said...

Super! Çox sağ olun!! Şam does mean pinetree in Azerbaijani as well, but I figured this had to be wrong. Thanks for correcting me!