Saturday, July 26, 2008

A B C Ç ...

It doesn't take long to learn how to pronounce and write Azerbaijani. The alphabet seems a bit strange at first, but it is not really very different from English. Hey, the alphabet used to be in Arabic script and then in Cyrillic! You just need to get used to a few diacriticals and then you will be reading aloud in Azerbaijani.

Here's the guide. Letters pronounced just as in English have no explanation.

Aa - A as in almond. Mouth is open in a vertical oval. Sounds like saying Ahhh at the doctor's.
Cc - J as in jump.
Çc - Ch as in chocolate.
Ee - Long a sound. Like é in the French word trés.
Əə - Quite a flat-sounding a, as in fat. Mouth open in a horizontal oval.
Gg - G as in argue.
Ğğ - Most difficult sound - like the French uvular r, as in - yes, again - trés. Should come with a warning label.
Xx - Like the ch in the Scottish loch.
Iı - E as in wanted. Sound is made very far back in the mouth.
İi - Ee as in meet.
Jj - S as in treasure. Like the French j in journal.
Qq - G as in goat.
Oo - Long o sound, as in goat.
Öö - Like eu in the French deux.
Şş - Sh as in sheep.
Uu - Oo as in food.
Üü - U in the French tu. Very far to the front of the mouth.


Huseyn guliyev said...

Thanks for the post.

As a native Azeri speaker, I have some remarks though. You probably were referring to turkish alphabet, but ome consonants they differ. Here is what I would change:

C - can't think of anyword, but like tsz in tszar. or z in zeus in French
Gg - J as in jump (not C)
Ç - "tse" in tsetse
K - Ch in chocolate (not Ç)
H - is weake than Ehglish H. probably like H in hiss.
R - r in robot

Ms. Colleen said...

Not sure I understand your comment. I don't know Turkish, so I am only thinking of Azerbaijani. For instance, can (soul) is pronounced as a j sound, as I have said. The letters listed are the letters in Azerbaijani, not in English.

Anas Fahmi said...

Isn't Azeri closely related to Turkish ??
I think that both of the languages pronunciation of alphabets are the same
I've heard many songs from several Turkic languages, and they sound the same for Turkish and Azeri

P/S = Can I ask something?
Why is it Kazakh language so different from any other Turkic languages - especially Turkic, because I know it the best - and why does the pronunciations are peculiar and differs from others, for example, the dotted i and the i without dot sounds the same .. I would be grateful if you can help me with this :)