Sunday, July 27, 2008

Typing with an Azeri keyboard

It's really easy to type in Azeri since most of the letters are the same as the English QWERTY keyboard layout. First, add Azeri (Latin) - Azerbaijani with the Latin script - to your computer's list of languages. So > Control panel > Regional and language settings > Azeri (Latin) language with Azeri Latin keyboard. Once installed, hitting Shift-Alt will toggle you from English to Azeri and back. If you have other languages installed, it will go through them one by one as you hit Shift-Alt.

You will need to use your little finger on your right hand more than before, but otherwise, it doesn't take long to get used to. These are the way keys change from the English layout to Azeri:
  • w is now ü
  • [ is now ö
  • ] is now ğ
  • ; is now ı
  • ' is now ə
  • , is now ç
  • . is now ş
  • / is now .
  • A comma on the Azeri keyboard is Shift-/
This is an image of the layout. Using Shift plus a letter will give you a capital of that letter.

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