Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Imperative mood

The imperative mood, as normally understood in English, is easy in Azerbaijani. You want to tell someone to go - verb getmək - you just use the verb root for the 2nd person singular and add a -(y)in4 ending for the 2nd person plural. It gets more complicated when you learn that verbs take suffixes for the other persons as well. This is unlike English, where we use Let me go, Let him go, etc.

2nd person imperative singular
  • verb root, no ending
2nd person imperative plural (or formal form)
  • verb root +in, ın, ün, un for roots ending in a consonant
  • verb root +yin, yın, yün, yun for roots ending in a consonant
Some examples:
Bağışla! Bağışlayın! - Excuse me!
Bax! Baxın! - Look!
Gəl! Gəlin! - Come!
Get! Gedin! - Go! (useful if bothered by street urchins - "Get burdan!" Get outta here!)
Gör! Görün! - See!
Hazırla! Hazırlayın! - Prepare!
Ver! Verin! - Give! (Mənə verin - Give to me)

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