Sunday, June 5, 2011

Feli bağlama -əndən sonra

Feli bağlama are verb suffixes that create new verbal relationships. There are many feli bağlama in Azerbaijani. Verbal suffixes can change the meaning of a verb and its relationship to the second verb in a sentence. These are a bit difficult but very useful.

 -əndən sonra - meaning "after" 
The second verb takes place after the first. This verb suffix is also very common in spoken Azerbaijani and is easy to learn.

Yeyəndən sonra çimmək olmaz. One shouldn't swim after eating.
İşə gedəndən sonra evə getdi. After going to work he went home.
Onlar fikirlaşandan sonra cavab verdilər. After thinking they gave their answer.
Qadın qabıları yuyandan sonra yığıb. The women cleaned the dishes and put them away.

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