Saturday, January 28, 2012

Create a negative adjective with na-

There are three ways that I know of to create a negative adjective out of a positive one.

1. Add -siz to the end = without
2. Write it as gerund using -mayan = not being.
3. Add na- to the beginning.

This post will look at the last way. While it seems to me that you can add -siz to just about any adjective in Azerbaijani, na- can only be added to some. However, it is a good way to increase your word power because it is so easy to use. Here is a list of all of the words with na- that I have been able to find.

nabələd - not bələd (familiar) = unfamiliar, strange; also = a stranger; uninitiated
nabələdlik - strangeness, non-acquaintance, ignorance
nacins - not yaxşı cins (of good stock) = ignoble, base, dishonorable
nacinslik - the quality of being dishonorable or dishonest
naçar - no çarə (way out) = hopeless, desperate
naçarlıq - hopelessness, desperateness
nadan - from nothing? = ignoramus, an ignorant person; also = impolite, rude, ignorant
nadanlıq - ignorance
nadinc - not quiet, calm, peaceful = naughty, mischievous
nadinclik - mischief, naughtiness
nadir - not common, rare; seldom, rarely
nadirlik - rarity, rareness
nadürüst - not correct, true, precise = rogue, quack, scoundrel; roguish, cunning
nadürüstlük - slyness, roguery, dishonesty
nagah - not now? = unexpectedly, suddenly, all of a sudden, by accident
nagüman - not according to your hypothesis or expectation = hopeless
nahaq - not true, right, just = vain, useless; unjust, false
nahaqdan - for nothing, in vain
nahamar - not smooth, even = rough, uneven
nahamarlıq - unevenness, roughness
naxələf - not a follower, not a good son = ignoble son, unkind child; mean person; ungrateful, unkind
naxələflik - meanness, ungratefulness
nakam - not your wish, desire = unfortunate, ill-fated, luckless
nakəs - not a person = dishonest person; mean, ungenerous, despicable
nakəslik - the quality of being unkind, mean
nakişi - not a man = a dishonest person
nakişilik - dishonesty
naqabil - not capable, able = unworthy, worthless, mean, clumsy
nalayiq - not suitable, worthy = unworthy, unsuitable, improper; indecently, improperly, lewdly
nalayiqlik - lewdness, indecency, impropriety
namehriban - not kind = unkind, cruel, impolite
naməhrəm - not sincere = stranger, alien
naməhrəmlik - strangeness
naməlum - not known, not intelligible = unknown, unfamiliar, mysterious
naməlumluq - uncertainty, obscurity, indefiniteness
namərd - not brave = mean, treacherous, base, insidious, disloyal
namərdlik - insidiousness, perfidy
namöhkəm - not durable, not strong = flimsy
namöhkəmlik - lack of strength or solidity
namünasib - not suitable, not right = incongruous, not corresponding to
namünasiblik - discrepancy, disparity, incongruousness
namüvafiq - not corresponding = not corresponding to, incongruous
namüvafiqlik - discrepancy, disparity, incongruousness
nanəcib - not noble = dishonorable man; ignoble, base
nanəciblik - ignominy, dishonestly, meanness
narahat - not easy, comfortable = uneasy, worried, anxious, troubled
narahatlıq - anxiety, uneasiness, nervousness, trouble
narazı - not pleased, not satisfied = dissatisfied, discontented, displeased
narazılıq - dissatisfaction, discontent, displeasure
nasaz - not in good order, not in good repair = sick, unhealthy
nasazlıq - indisposition, lethargy, sickliness
naşükür - not thankful = ungrateful, thankless
naşükürlük - ungratefulness, ingratitude
natamam - not complete = incomplete, imperfect, unfinished
natamamlıq - incompleteness, imperfection
nataraz - not balanced = clumsy, awkward
natarazlıq - clumsiness, hugeness
natəmiz - not clean = dirty, unclean, soiled; dirtily, untidily
natəmizlik - untidiness, slovenliness; unscrupulous
naümid - not your hope or wish = hopeless, desperate
naümidlike - hopelessness, despair

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