Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eurovision - The Official Fan Club

This is a live blog post of sorts. I'm currently sitting in Gufo's Coffee (off Fountain Square) with Nick and Fidan, two volunteers with the official fan club of Eurovision 2012. We are looking at ways to inform expats in Baku of their many events. So far, they have held: a flashmob (a Muğam Flashmob - I'm so sorry I missed this!) , shows, a rally with bikes and off-road vehicles, a Novruz party, "Təmiz Şəhər" - clean-up event, a "Zebra Crossing", a Karaoke Night, and photo contest - Smile to Europe. They are around the city a lot, distributing information, recording interviews, and generally raising awareness and excitement about next month's Eurovision. They are very creative about their events, always incorporating a light touch and a sense of humor.

Check out their Facebook address:

You can follow on Twitter at: @WeSupport_ESC

Here are a few photos from the Facebook site:

Mugham Flashmob
Bike Rally
On TV - Günəbaxan

More to come...

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