Sunday, April 1, 2012

More resources for learning Azerbaijani

Found two more resources for beginners yesterday at the Ali and Nino shop in Park Bulvar. Both are really over-priced, but I bought them anyway in order to review them on the blog.

Learn Azerbaijani 1 - a thin volume (76 pages). Good coverage of verbs, but one would have to be a very motivated beginner indeed to benefit from this book. It really does just throw the person into a lot of vocab and sentences right from the start. On sale for 21 manat.

Simple Azerbaijani Language for Beginners - a much more substantial resource (230 pages). Large, clear print and thorough examples make this a good resource. A CD included, with lots of Azerbaijani spoken in slow, clear Baku accents (no English explanations). A pleasure to listen to, but again, hard to say how helpful this would be for a beginner. A whopping 35 manat.


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thanks for the info regarding the books about Azeri language