Thursday, October 25, 2012

Arşın mal alan - Gülçöhrənin naləsi

This lament is sung by Gulchora in the culminating tragic moment before the "cloth peddler" rescues her. It  has got to be one of the saddest and most powerful songs ever written. In fact, every time I listen to it, tears stream down my face. Every time! Even before I knew what the lyrics meant...! Now that I understand the lyrics, it is inevitable that I cry at this beautiful song. The composer, it seems obvious to me, was a great supporter of women and their right to choose not only their "heyət yoldaşi" but also their role in life.  

I was so pleased to find the lyrics online. Visit for the full libretto and other information in both Azerbaijani and English. To listen to a beautiful rendition, click this link: 

Below are the lyrics and my humble attempt at translation.

 20. Gülçöhrənin naləsi. 
Hicran dərdi, fələk verdi – 2
Bunca cəfanı layiq gördü – 2
Yoxdur taqət səbrə halət, – 2
Ölmək yaxşıdır nə ki, bu zillət – 2
Ey xuda rəhm et, ey xuda rəhm et,
Qıl mədəd yarəb, mən yazığa rəhm et.
Ey xuda rəhm et, ey xuda rəhm et,
Qıl mədəd yarəb, mən yazığa, rəhm et.

Yox, mən bu hala davam edə bilmərəm. Daha məndə tab və taqət yoxdur. Hamısından yaxşısı budur ki, bir kərəlik özümü boğum, öldürüm. Canım qurtarsın.

Gulchora’s lament.

Fate has brought me this terrible separation
This torment it has deemed will be my lot
I have no strength or patience left
Better to die than to suffer like this
O God help me, help me,
Dear Lord save me, have mercy on me.

No, I simply can’t go on. I have no more strength or endurance. Better to hang myself and end it all. 

From the film.

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b'locked said...

I love this song. I'm listening to it non-stop for two months since I discovered .I found its notes from that site (thanks to them).
I wonder why this song was not famous with a modern version.Sevda Alakbarzade sings it but she is doing crescendo at the end of the song and i don't like it.
I'd really like to hear it from a singer with a heart that can reflect the sadness in the music.
Comes to my mind a few people.For example Adele as she sang "Skyfall". But I would prefer a Turkish singer because they have the same musical culture.
My ears are still waiting for more. I emailed her if I find the right person.
Was very nice to read someone who share the same feelings with me.You made me feel not alone.
Thank you soooo much