Monday, January 12, 2015

Küçələrə su səpmişəm - the full version

Ages ago I posted the first stanza of this song because of Eurovision. It occurred to me now that I am singing it again the the full version should be online. Here it is:

Küçələrə su səpmişəm,
Yar gələndə toz olmasın.
Elə gəlsin, elə getsin,
Aramızda söz olmasın.

I have thrown water into the street,
My beloved is coming, so there must not be dust.
Let her come, let her go,
But let there not be words between us.

Samavara od salmışam,
İstəkana qənd salmışam.
Yarım gedib, tək qalmışam,
Nə əzizdir yarın canı!
Nə şirindir yarın canı!

I lit the samovar,
I put sugar in the glasses.
My love has left, I am all alone,
Such a dear, my love!
So sweet, my love!

Samavara alışdırın,
Maşa verim qarışdırın.
Yarım mənnən küsüb, gedib,
Onu mənnən barışdırın.

Light the samovar,
Let me give you this iron bar, you can mix the kindling.
My love was sulking and left,
Please help us to reconcile.


Nusrat said...

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Tofik Dadashev said...

Dear Colleen, the song last line is not as optimistic as I see it - actually the lover is asking for help - "Please help us to reconcile!"