Friday, July 1, 2011

Gerunds with possessive pronouns

Gerunds can take possessive pronouns as follows:

Mənim getməyim - my going
Sənin getməyin - your going
Onun getməsi - his going
Bizim getməyimiz - our going
Sizin getməyiniz - your going
Onların getməkləri / getməyi - their going


murasl said...
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murasl said...

You could not imagine how happy I am that someone is not only learning my language but is trying to share the information he has already acquired as well.
How long have you been leaning Azerbaijani?

Being a native speaker I would be glad to support your lessons (or whatever you post on Azeri) as much as I am able to.

Ms. Colleen said...

Thanks! It is great to get feedback from a native speaker. I have been learning Azerbaijani in my spare time for the past 3 1/2 years. I have excellent shop language, but still need to improve my conversational Azerbaijani. I see you have posted some corrections - I will make the changes now!