Thursday, July 7, 2011

Learning resources

I had a comment today asking about resources for learning Azerbaijani. Here are some of the dictionaries, books, and CDs that I have found useful. Search used bookstores and regular bookstores. Some resources can be downloaded.

Early days:

As an absolute beginner I found a Learn Azeri CD (I think this is the name but I no longer have the CD). I found it at the Çiraq Bookstore near İstıqləliyyət Kücəsi.

A couple of children's dictionaries: 1000 Words (with Russian, Azerbaijani and Turkish) and Mənim Oxford İngiliscə-Azərbaycanca Şəkilli Lüğətim.

I downloaded software from BYKI (Before You Know It). This was VERY useful for hearing the native Baku accent.

I also downloaded and installed the free translation tool Dilmanc. You can find it online. It is not 100% accurate but it is the tool I use more than any other. 

I purchased a 15-chapter coursebook and CD from ILC - The International Learning Center. The recorded lessons were very useful and I still sometimes listen to them. You can find them online.

Beyond Beginner Level:

Teach Yourself Azeri by Telman Khudazarov is a very good guide to the language and grammar, with lots of good examples. I picked it up as a beginner and found it too difficult. It is really most useful to those who are already familiar with Azerbaijani.

Absolutely essential dictionary is Azərbaycanca-İngiliscə Lüğət. People sometimes refer to it as the red book or the business dictionary. It is widely used in offices I believe. It is excellent. I refer to it constantly.

A very handy dual-language dictionary is the recently published and well-produced Məktəblilər Üçün Azərbaycanca İngiliscə İngiliscə Azərbaycanca Lügət. This is exceptionally well done and is handy to carry around in a purse or bag.

There is another English to Azerbaijani dictionary that is red and blue with a big AZ on the cover. It is a good resource.

I use the dual-language Modern Dictionary as well. It has a picture of Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty on the cover.

Not there yet:

There is a beautiful 4 volume Azerbaijani-only dictionary called Azərbaycan Dilinin İzahlı Lüğəti. It is very good for finding sample sentences but the language is difficult.


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