Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nouns or adjectives + lan/lən = verbs

The suffix -lan -lən can be added to some nouns (even adjectives) to create verbs. It adds the sense of "becoming" to the noun. Here are some examples that I have come across. Let me know of any others and I will add them to the list.

ad - name = adlanmaq - to be named
ağıl - mind = ağıllanmaq - to become wise
ev - house = evlənmək - to get married
fərq - difference = fərqlənmən - to differ (to be different)
həyacan - excitement or alarm = həyacanlanmaq - to become excited or alarmed
hirs - anger = hirslənmək - to become angry
xəstə - sick person = xəstələnmək - to become sick
iy - smell = iylənmək - to smell (to become smelly), to spoil, to stink 
kök - tune = köklənmək - to be tuned up (a musical instrument)
kölgə - shade = kölgələnmək - to become shady, to hide in the shade, to become sad 
köpük - foam = köpüklənmək - to foam, to froth
lovğa - boaster, braggart = lovğalanmaq - to boast, to brag
maraq - interest =  maraqlanmaq - to take an interest in
möhkəm - solid, strong = möhkəmləndirmək - to strengthen, to fortify
möhkəm - solid, strong = möhkəmlənmək - to become stronger
nişan - sign, token = nişanlanmaq - to become engaged (to be married)
təəccüb - surprise, wonder, amazement = təəccüblənmək - to be surprised, to be amazed
var - property = varlanmaq - to become rich

Some verbs look like they might be formed this way, but they are reflexive verbs with just the -n added to the verb root: dolanmaq, gizlənmək, toplanmaq, ürəyi bulanmaq, zədələnmək.

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