Friday, July 1, 2011

Using infinitives in sentences with istəmək and lazımdır

Two very useful constructions in Azerbaijani are istəmək (to want) plus an infinitive and lazımdır (to be necessary) with an infinitive. You can say a lot with these two and they work just as they do in English, so you can translate directly and it works. As we will discover, in Azerbaijani infinitives are often not used in sentences as we use them in English. Instead, they are turned into nouns (to be precise, gerunds). But more on that later... it is complicated. For now, enjoy learning something useful and easy:

İstəmək + infinitive (to want to...)

Works like English, except the infinitive comes before the main verb.

I want to see you. - Mən səni görmək istəyirəm.
I want to speak to you. - Mən sizinlə danışmaq istəyirəm.
I want to break a twenty. - Mən iyirmi manat xırdalanmaq istəyirəm.
I want to buy a ticket. - Mən bileti almaq istəyiram.

Lazımdır + infinitive (it is necessary to...; it needs to...)

Again like English, but the infinitive comes first.

It needs to be done. - Bunu etmək lazımdır.
It is necessary to go early. - Tez getmək lazımdır.
What book needs to be read? - Hansı kitabı oxumaq lazımdır?
To take part in the discussion it is first necessary to be calm. - Söhbətin alınması üçün ilk növbədə sakit olmaq lazımdır.
It is necessary to come to a decision. - Bir qərarə gəlmək lazımdır. 

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