Saturday, September 22, 2012

Your phone can help you learn Azerbaijani!

After years with a clunky old Motorola, I finally bought a new phone. I had been holding out for a phone that I could use Azerbaijani on. Finally my friend Nigar took me to a phone store where I found a Nokia 302. It is great. You can very easily type with Azerbaijani letters. You just hold down the symbol key (sym) and hit the letter that most represents what you want to write. For example, to type Ə you hold down sym+e. To get a ş - sym+s. Easy.

This is a rather fuzzy picture of the menu (menyu) taken with my iPod. You can see that everything is in Azerbaijani. All your messages will be in Azerbaijani too. If you get confused about what something means you can change to English and then back to Azerbaijani.

It is actually a good way to reinforce some words and learn new ones. For instance, when my battery is charged, I get this message:

Batareya doludur. Elektrik enerjisinə qənaət et və adapteri divar rozetkasından çıxar.
Can you translate? This is how I translate it:
Battery is full. Save electricity and remove the adapter from the wall outlet.

So it's not just dictionaries - now you can have fun with your phone!

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