Sunday, August 14, 2011

Case endings for question words and adverbs

Question words with case endings - Nominative (subject of the sentence - no case ending), Genitive (of), Dative (to), Objective (direct object), Locative (at, in, on), Ablative (from). For words that are pronounced differently from their spelling, I have included the correct pronounciation in square brackets after the word.

where - hara, haranın, haraya [hara], haranı, harada [harda], haradan [hardan] 
who - kim, kimin, kimə, kimi, kimdə, kimdən
what - nə, nəyin, nəyə, nəyi, nədə, nədən

here - bura, buranın, buraya [bura], buranı, burada [burda], buradan [burdan] 
there - ora, oranın, oraya [ora], oranı, orada [orda], oradan [ordan]

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