Saturday, August 6, 2011

Words starting with U, V, Y, Z - same or similar to English or French

I haven't been able to find any words beginning with Ü that have a parallel in English or French. But still a few from the last four letters of the Azerbaijani alphabet.

Ukrayna - Ukraine
universal - universal
universitet - university
uvertüra - overture

vağzal - station (after train station in England called Vaux Hall)
vakuum - vacuum
variant - variant
vaza - vase
versiya - version
vaqon - wagon on a train, carriage, van
velosiped - bicycle
veto - veto
vəzir - visier, minister
virus - virus
vitamin - vitamin
vitrin - shop window (vitrine)
visa - visa
voleybol - volleyball
vulkan - volcano

yapon - Japanese
Yaponiya - Japan
Yunesko - UNESCO

zəfəran - saffron
zoopark - zoo
zürafə - gifaffe

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