Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Laçın (xalq mahnısı)

I only know this song because I play it on the kamancha, but I don't have a recording of it being sung. It is a beautiful and melancholy tune. I decided to look for the words. It seems to me that the words are sad as well.

First stop was a lovely little book I found in a used bookstore -  Min Bir Mahnı. However, some of the words didn't make sense, so I looked on and found these lyrics, which I have attempted to translate. The wiki lyrics had the word göncə, which I assume should have been qönçə.

As usual with trying to translate folk songs, I have run into difficulties. Not sure what "barı" refers to. Fruit? Wish? Anyway, here is my translation. All help appreciated!

Araz axar su ilə,
Dəstə-dəstə gül ilə,
Mən yarımı sevirəm
Şirin-şirin dil ilə

The Araz flows with water,
With bunches of flowers,
I love my dear love
With sweet language

Ay Laçın, can Laçın,
Mən sənə qurban Laçın...

Oh Lachin, dear Lachin
I would be a sacrifice for you...

Bağçaların barı gül,
Yarı qönçə, yarı gül,
Gec açıldın, tez soldun,
Açmayaydın barı gül,

The gardens have fruit flowers,
Half bud, half flower,
You were opened late, you faded quickly,
Would that you had not opened!

Ay Laçın, can Laçın,
Mən sənə qurban Laçın...

Oh Lachin, dear Lachin
I would be a sacrifice for you...

Yeri-yeri küsən yar,
Yeni eşqə düşən yar,
Elçiləri qırılmış...
Özü elçi düşən yar!

Here my love is discontented,
My dear one who has just fallen in love,
The envoys have been cut down...
The go-between has fallen himself my love!

Ay Laçın, can Laçın,
Mən sənə qurban Laçın...

Oh Lachin, dear Lachin
I would be a sacrifice for you...


Alef Noon said...

Ms. Colleen,

Yes, you are right the word "gönçə" is wrong; it must be "qönçə".
On another note, the word "barı" in the first line means fruit like you translated. It is yiyəlik case of the word "bar" (fruit-bar. Bağçaların barı - fruit of gardens. Very often it connotes the first fruit not just any fruit) İn the fourth line your translation is correct because the word "barı" there does NOT mean fruit and it does not have direct equivalent in English. İt is a word used in some dialects of Azeri in order to dramatize or emphasize meaning like English "O yeah" or "wow". Often it corresponds English "at least" (as idiom) and has connotation of request or begging (maybe something like "at least do this for me").

Good luck in your studies

Prof Coline said...

Thank-you Alef. You are very knowledgeable and explain things very clearly.

Anonymous said...

The first "barı" refers to a fruit, yes. But the second "barı" means "at least" and not "wow" or anything close to it. It's not an expression of surprise. As for "you were opened late.." it should be "you blossomed late".

Anyways. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm curious: Is this the song?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hey, can you please tell me the meaning of Lachin

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